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Enter the era of the one-room schoolhouse, where generations of rural Wisconsin children came of age.

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Visiting Reed School takes you back to an era of education that is very different from the massive school buildings students attend today. In the early 1900s, more than 6,000 one-room schools just like this dotted the Wisconsin landscape, with one teacher instructing many grade levels at the same time. Reed School immerses you in this world, with exhibits outlining the history of the United States free school movement, along with displays of historic school supplies and newspaper volumes. Audio and visual screens share the stories and experiences of former students. 

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When it was built in 1915, Reed School had an innovative design. It was a concrete brick structure measuring 30 feet x 50 feet, unusual for the era. It boasted a concrete foundation and a wood-frame bell tower. While it was modern for the time, Reed School lacked indoor bathrooms, plumbing and a water supply. Water was carried in by hand and electricity wasn’t added until 1941.

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