Field Trips

Availability and Cost

Field Trips are available at Reed School year-round. Reed School field trips are free of charge.


Reservations should be made at least three weeks before your visit to ensure appropriate staffing. To reserve a date and time, contact us by phone at 608-253-3523 or by email.


Drinking water is provided. Lunches may be eaten in the classroom or outdoors in the picnic area.

Students are encouraged to bring a 1930s-style lunch from home. Here are a few suggestions:

  • sandwiches on homemade bread with meat (not deli), cheese or jelly
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • fruits and vegetables (locally-grown fresh, if in season, or dried/canned)
  • wrap food in brown paper and place in a brown paper bag or a lunch pail.

Curriculum Standards for Field Trips

Reed School field trips will enable your students to meet Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for English and Social Studies Instruction as provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. See more information in our printable curriculum document.