About Our Field Trips

Field trip students learn about historic one-room education at Reed School.
  • Reed School field trips are typically four hours long and include the following:

  • Morning Lessons
    Interactive activities that demonstrate how the three "R's" of reading, writing and arithmetic were taught in 1939. Students will memorize and recite Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's classic poem "The Village Blacksmith," use the Palmer method of cursive writing, and see how addition, subtraction, and multiplication were taught in a multi-level classroom.
  • Noon Hour
    Lunch and recess with organized games that were played by rural school children.
  • Afternoon Lessons
    More interactive activities, including art, social studies and geography. Students will listen and draw to the "Let's Draw" radio program, conduct research about local, state, national and international events that occurred in the spring of 1939, and use map-reading skills to learn about the surrounding area.
  • Reflections and Commencement
    Students will get the chance to reflect on their visit, share pre-written essays, and hear the 1939 commencement speech for 8th grade Reed School graduates. Each student will receive graduation certificates.