Exterior view of Reed School.
  • Accessibility

    The classroom is elevated approximately six feet above ground level, with steps providing the main access. A wheelchair lift is available to the classroom area.

    If time permits, your group is encouraged to view the exhibits in the basement of Reed School. Please note that this area is not wheelchair accessible. If requested, exhibit materials can be provided in an alternate format.

  • Facilities

    Reed School was built before the days of indoor plumbing. Since there is no indoor plumbing, students will get the chance to use our outhouse with a compost toilet.

    Drinking water will be available during school tours. Students will need to bring a unbreakable water cup from home.

  • What to Wear

    Please dress appropriately for outdoor weather.

    Students are encouraged to come dressed in clothing like that worn by rural students in the 1930s. Students in the 1930s wore socks and tie shoes. Boys wore button shirts with collars and blue jeans or overalls. Girls wore dresses, usually with collars.